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Flyte Plate

The Flyte Plate has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Investment Casting Industry.

With three options available the Flyte Plate allows for Manual, Rapid Change, and Auto tool changes.

The Flyte Plate has been designed and engineered by VA Tech to allow the use of existing proven customer jigs and fixtures, hence minimising the implementation time from current manual to automatic grinding.

Heavy Duty in construction the Flyte plate ensures high accuracy even under extreme cutting and grinding conditions.

Incorporated with YPR (Yaw, Pitch, Roll) Grinding Technology the Flyte Plate can achieve flat, Radius, Spherical and non-standard geometric profiles


  • YPR Technology
  • Flyte Plate Maunal Identification
  • Flyte Plate Auto Identification
  • Flyte Plate Manual Tool Change (Type1)
  • Flyte Plate Rapid Tool Change (Type2)
  • Flyte Plate Auto Tool Change (Type3)
  • Flyte Plate magazine Storage


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